Athletes who can move faster than their opponents have a sporting advantage! A faster athlete can get to a ball quickly or outrun a trailer in any sport.

Speed is required when trying to beat an opponent to a 50/50 ball, to lose a defender, to get into space, to support an attack, to dribble around an opponent or to chase back and help close down an attack.

Football is a game made up of sprints – lots of short, sharp, bursts of acceleration.

This program lasts for 12 weeks featuring three stages. Each stage lasts for 4 weeks with tests at key intervals. Carry out these exercises within the comfort of your own home:

  • Preparation Stage
  • Development Stage
  • Take It to the Next Level

Speed in football today is a great asset.

Use Speed to get away from defenders like Gareth Bale in this clip!

Join today and become explosive on the pitch!

A 12 week program designed to help you increase your speed. This program features three stages with each stage lasting for 4 weeks, tests are essential at specific intervals throughout this program. 2016 Special
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