The Founder

I am an ex-player that was fortunate in making the step up from my local grassroots team to playing at the time “centre of excellence” club level football,  where I experienced being amongst & playing against many other talented players. Being in a group of good players was a fascinating experience, as I had ambitions of making progress; I considered myself lucky to be at a good level to develop as a young player.

The journey continued to a moment where at an end of season review with my coaches, I was told that I lacked power in my running and that the club will offer me on-going support over the next pre-season. Unfortunately, at the time, this failed to materialise & this led to me doing the wrong things with the right intentions of improving physically. I was later released for the same reason early into the new season.

Fast forward to U17 football I found myself in new surroundings, an exit route for players who did not get a scholarship but through hard work could still get back to the professional arena. In a competitive environment once again with players eager to impress I had to prove myself. With physical development, a question mark still in the back of my mind, I found myself sticking to my strengths being technique, ball-possession & shooting.

After attempting to convince myself that I felt out of love with the game, it was in University when I found this to be far from the truth. It dawned on me then that we lack a level of support in strength & conditioning at youth level. My perspective is a setup where young athletes experience high-quality educational content on physical development along with hands-on guidance to help in achieving their sporting dreams.

With the growing physical demands of the game ever increasing, displaying athleticism & robustness is becoming more of a requirement. Just attending a gym is no longer enough! A tailored lifestyle approach is needed!

From my personal experiences & seeing other talented players also fall short I now know that efficient physical development is what gives young athletes the foundations & confidence to excel at all levels of the game.

This is my reason for starting Up & Coming Sports.

Chris Sekyere

09/10 Season

Chris 1

Year 11 School Cup Final


Chris 2

Southend United U16 Match

09/10 Season

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Chris 4

France U16 Tour Later That Season

Cambridge United U17 - 2011

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Sweden Gothia Youth Cup

Graduation 2015

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BA Business Management Upper Second Class