Why Young British Football Players Should Consider Educating Themselves Early on Strength & Conditioning

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By Chris Sekyere


My post-graduation life involves frequently embarking on trips down memory lane by regularly revisiting Wanstead Flats on Sunday mornings. These were the fields where I practised my passion for football and sought to build the foundations for my professional career.


I visit these fields as a spectator of teams ranging from U12-U15 who compete fiercely to achieve higher positions in their leagues. For these youth, their junior leagues serve as crucial opportunities to nurture and cultivate their talents in preparation for the professional leagues that they aspire to compete in.


Witnessing the excitement and passion of these youth teams, whether they are the underdog making a comeback from a losing position to win the game, or they are the dominant team demonstrating their best skill to beat their opponents, this reminds me of the thrill I used to experience as a young footballer.


Thus, I regularly visit Wanstead Flats to rekindle the flame of that feverish excitement that I felt so long ago. But there is one thought that never fails to cross my mind upon each visit to Wanstead Flats – How can I ensure that these young players receive the Strength and Conditioning training that was promised to me, but that which I did not receive and consequently meant my unexpected release from a professional team?


The Solution:

Educational content and material on Strength & Conditioning online where players can access a training programme focussing on the 3 most important fitness categories: Strength, Speed & Stamina. If players can’t get access or time to work with a Strength & Conditioning Coach then the solution should be online. A perspective that will need to be tried & tested before we can say problem solved of which will be a challenge, but it is a challenge I am personally up for. Consider the thousands of players in grassroots that can improve their game tremendously by acquiring such knowledge on Strength and Conditioning.


Collaborating with Strength & Conditioning professionals and reading material on the subject has been a vast learning curve for me. I have learnt so much about how to enhance my physical development in safe and efficient ways, whilst identifying simple tips and tricks that transform a footballer from the level of ‘average’ to ‘professional’. I want to help budding footballers reach their full potential by providing them with invaluable expert knowledge on Strength and Conditioning.




3 reasons why young players should learn about Strength & Conditioning at the beginning of their careers.

  1. Become fitter, faster and stronger.

Footballers that I played with and against who were fast, strong and fit always had a competitive advantage, as they could use these traits whenever the opportunity presented itself. It also gave those players a high level of confidence and foundation to excel.


  1. Young players should consider themselves as athletes.

My definition of an athlete is a person who participates in a competitive sporting activity. The top athletes need to perform at their optimum all year round and they do this by developing and sustaining good habits. Getting stronger doesn’t happen overnight!


  1. Young athletes should self-manage & get support whenever possible.

Following a training programme will help budding footballers improve their game significantly. Additionally, understanding how your body works for optimal performance will encourage players to be disciplined and take responsibility for their diet, training and overall development. The programmes on this site are created by professionals who have made it their mission to help their clients achieve greater strength, greater speed and increased stamina.



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