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Develop your game
is a 6 month team programme

We provide your club with access to a Strength & Conditioning Coach and a bespoke online programme which contains educational information and visuals on:

✓ Various fundamental exercises with the correct technique

✓ Resistance band homework videos

✓ Helpful nutritional information

For the course of the 6-month program, the assigned Strength & Conditioning Coach will provide your team with an initial FREE TASTER SESSION in speed, repeated sprint ability and the ability to perform at the optimum level for a full match. We will then aim to improve your team’s physical performance levels by providing a minimum of 12 field-based sessions.

Here are some short videos of the type of drills your team can expect from us:

The Strength & Conditioning Coach will structure the sessions to help the players improve in relevant areas for desired results. The bespoke online programme is tailored to guide players outside of training hours supporting their development and players can message their assigned coach about their programme via our website.

The price is £14.99 per month