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The new and unique FLEXVIT Mini Bands

Flexvit Mini Bands – Heavy Resistance (single)


The FLEXVIT Mini Bands are soft on the skin with no pinching and will not roll up.

The patented woven rubber production technology makes the skin-friendly material very robust and durable.

Fully washable.

32 cm (L) x 5.8 cm (W)



The new and unique FLEXVIT Mini Bands distinguish themselves through their practical design and material.

The patented production technology makes this skin-friendly material also highly robust and durable. And by being washable, it changes the standards on such bands for hygiene and allergy-risk.
Depending on the type of band – Mini, Multi, Resist – and on the selected workout, one can train every type of physiological aspect (strength, endurance, quickness, mobility and coordination).

The options are limitless. One can compose a great variety of exercise programs for therapy, health, fitness, stress reduction, and competitive sports.

FLEXVIT Mini Bands – the ideal version for Band-assisted Training (BaT)


  • Woven rubber (“textile rubber”), thus no skin contact with the rubber/latex (great for allergy sufferers).
  • Unusually comfortable fabric feel, without losing the characteristics of the rubber.
  • Soft on the skin, no pulling or pinching of skin or body hair and will not roll up
  • Very robust and tear-resistant, water- and dirt resistant
  • Washable up to 90° C (comes with a mesh bag for transportation, washing, and drying)

32 cm (L) x 5.8 cm (W).